An Untouched World – PX112A

 MRT-76831 Serenity, a Mobile Research & Terraforming station, is the sole structure on the uncharted, and potentially dangerous world, PX112A. 

While remaining uncharted for some time after its initial discovery, the planet's abundant jungle vegetation and alien wildlife has attracted attention for potential scientific and medical breakthroughs which could result from studying surface conditions. As a strong candidate for future colonization, exploration of the surface is expected to increase dramatically within the next years.

Serenity station, located on the planet's mainland within a large valley, was first deployed in 27611 as a telemetry station to determine habitability and the potential for future colonization. The high volume of species located within the stations' immediate area has resulted in a full-time science detachment at the facility. In 27612, the station housed 60-65 personnel in several departments, including various forms of micro and astro biology.

Aleta Merle, an astrobiologist assigned to Serenity station, has been assigned to the station for the past three weeks. Growing up studying alien fauna and flora alongside her parents, Aleta finds herself as one of the senior team members despite her relatively young age.

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