PX112A - Uncharted Class M

 PX112A is an Uncharted Class M Planet orbiting within the habitable zone of the red dwarf star S1KB37. It is the only planet within the habitable zone of its system and is capable of supporting life on a large scale. It was discovered in the year 27582 during a routine scan of the system, although its capability for harboring life was not discovered until 27594.

The planet has remained largely unexplored since its discovery, despite its potential for colonization. The remote nature of S1KB37 had resulted in little drive to explore the region. Administrative changes since its initial discovery have resulted in increased funding for scientific missions to largely uncharted systems, however, making PX112A an ideal canidate.

A small research outpost has been established on the planet's surface as of 27611, Serenity Station,  the goal of which is to study the flora which covers the majority of the planet's landmasses, as well as the various forms of life which exist on the surface. It is expected that as progress continues, more outposts will be established across the surface and limited terraforming may take place.


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